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Temporary Site - New Website Under Construction
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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to
Lead Developer and Designer Zachary J. Scurnopoli at
He would be happy to field your questions.
We are hard at work creating the new RVCC Online Platform!

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Who We Are

Formerly known as the Southern Columbiana County Regional Chamber of Commerce, Our newly formed River Valley Chamber has undertaken a complete overhaul of our leadership and local operations. Focused on branching out our business interests to the entire Tri-State region, our aim is to broaden local markets and enhance our regional business interests.

Our mission is to build a common ground of economic purpose, progress, and prosperity, and to cultivate collaborative partnerships, with diverse and multi-generational business interests. And to enhance the quality of life of citizens, through beneficial productivity, and reward throughout our Tri-State region. 

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